GMC, JMA Cross Country dominate at Brentwood meet

The GMC and JMA cross country teams ran extremely well on 14 September at Brentwood Academy in Sandersville.  Combined the two schools
won three of the four races and had 23 of the 40 top 10 finishes.

In the Middle School Boys race, 7 of the 10 ten runners were from GMC.  Colin McCabe led the way with a time of 12:15.  Ethan Tolintino (3rd), Gavin Cantrell (5th), Jacob Bailey (6th), Christian Black (7th), Garrett Kauzlarich (8th) and Cole Rogers (9th).  Shay Nesmith was in 10th place for JMA.  The GMC Middle School boys team took home the team title

In the Middle School Girls race, 5 of the top 10 were from GMC.  Jada Warren led the way for GMC with a 2nd place finish.  Other top 10 finishers for GMC were Gabrielle Seals (3rd), Emilie Sherwood (6th), Natalie Craft (9th) and Mishka Sobti (10th).  The GMC girls team won the team title.

The Varsity girls race wasjma-winners won by JMA Freshmen Emery Ryan.  Speaking of Ryan, David Gallagher, head coach of the JMA cross country team said “Emery Ryan (Freshman) has been working extremely hard all season long. She came out yesterday knowing who she wanted to pace with in the race (Michael Ann Hood from Brentwood and Emma Nelson from GMC). She stayed with them throughout the race and in the end was able to pull ahead for the win. Emery set a new personal record with a time of 23:10 and received her first ever 1st place finish.”  GMC had two of their own in the top 10 for the Varsity girls race, Emma Nelson finished in 3rd place and Maddison Strom in 10th place.

The Varsity boy’s race was dominated by runners from Milledgeville.  GMC led the way with 6 runners in the top 10.  Hunter Kimball of GMC won the race with a time of 16:27.  He was followed by Aaron Kirkland (GMC) in 2nd, Jaskaran Brar (JMA) in 4th place, Jacob Kauzlarich (GMC) in 6th, Kaylon Farley (GMC) in 8th and Ethan Yopp (GMC) in 10th.  GMC Boys won the team title.




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