Westover Invitational Results

Sorry for the delay.  Life is happening.


Allen Kim 18:30

James Wang  20:02

Matthew Lemon  20:22

Troy Myers  22:40

Spencer Lasater  22:56

Team Score – 737 points for 26th place.

Howard HS

77th Spencer Moon  18:19

88th  Armando Ibarra  18:28

95th  Jake Thornton  18:33

139th Bradley Smith 19:47

150th  Callie Sparks  20:04

Team Score  513, 19th place.


Howard HS

39th Jordan Rozier  21:29

119th  Ranha Beak  25:44

120th  Anne Lauer  25:55

122th Korina Cook  25:57

130th  Baylee Marsh  26:32

Team score 428.  16th place.

Mount de Sales

10th Faith Siror  19:46

24th Jessy Tallant  20:53

63rd Rebecca Thompson  22:30

68th Olivia Barroso  22:45

77th Katy Holloway  23:19

Team Score 204, 7th place.


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