Athens Academy Meet (Results) 3 September

Georgia Military College Prep (Boys)

Hunter Kimball ran a 17:54 and won the race, but as his eligibility hearing has not occurred, his time does not count

12  TJ Johnson   20:35

16  Aaron Kirkland  20:47

19 Taylor Sherwood  21:32

24  Kaylon Farley  21:41

26  Ethan Yopp  21:42

The team score was 97, they were in 4th place.

Results are found on Milesplit .

Georgia Military College Prep (Girls)

20 Annie Benson  28:43

38 Macie Newell  32:07

45  Lyssa Blair  33:02

54  Mary Elizabeth Jones  35:39

60  Taylor Garnto  37:38

The team had 155 points – they were 6th.

Full results are found on Milesplit


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