Loganville Christian Academy Invitational – John Milledge Academy

John Milledge Academy opened up its season with a good race at Loganville Christian Academy.  In GISA races, Middle School students can race on the varsity team, one of the differences between the two associations.

The Girls JMA runners

11  Emery Ryan     26:01.82

20 Crystal Wang    28:37.03

29  Anahit Mehranian  31:03.66

36  Simran  Brar     34:19.09

43  Anna Brown    35:57.43

The Lady Trojans came in 4th place.

On the boys side the Trojans also came in 4th place.

14  Jaskaran Brar     20:36.86

25  Hunter Blenk       23:04.55

27  Ivan Adams          23:08.41

44  Dustin Minshew   29.28.15

45  Sachen Pillay        30:15.71

50  Noah Smith           35.47.96

Full results can be found here on Milesplit.


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