Prep School Preview (Part 1 6A/5A/4A/3A)

With the multiple amount of schools in the area, it would be impossible to do a thorough preview.  What I will do is list the top runners in each classification based on their times from last season.  I would like to give a big thank you to Bruce Taylor and all of the great work that he does at Georgia Milesplit  If you are not familiar with this website, it is the place for running information for High School in Georgia.

I am going to cull from his work to identify the runners from each classification who  made the top 100 returning runners from each class.  This will take a few days, so be patient.  Also understand that this does not correctly relate to transfers and incoming freshmen.  Those were unknown when he put these lists together.  Also, it is strictly on low times, now attempt to handicap the times and the courses.  So after all of that here are the runners who made the list for the three largest classifications:

Place  Name            High School       Time        Race       Graduation Year

6A – Girls/Boys

There are no 6A schools in the area that this blog covers so this one will not have any runners

5A – Girls

27 – Kate Boland               Jones County HS  20:07.00  Foot Locker 2016

70 – Frannie Pittman        Jones County HS 21:12.84  Alexander HS  2017

5A – Boys

28 – Hunter Kimball          Jones County HS  16:47.20   Alexander HS  2017

(Hunter Kimball has transferred to Georgia Military College Prep School 1A (Public) and is awaiting his GHSA hardship appeal)

50 – Ethan  Oulsnam        Jones County HS   17:12.58   WACO Invitational  2017

4A – Girls

10 – Tiffany Mountin          Perry HS               19:43.6  Region 2-4A  2017

74 – Alyssa Mountin           Perry HS               21:34.90  Carrloton Last Chance 2019

84 – Katie Luque                Veterens HS          21:47.10  Region 2-4A  2016

96 – Abby Carroll               Pike County           21:58.72  The Rock Ranch  2016

4A – Boys

21 – Tanner Reid                Perry HS               16:43.50   Region 2-4A Meet  2018

25 – Michael Rowlands       Veterans HS          16:52.50  Region 2-4A  Meet  2016

69 – Lawson Weldon           Mary Persons HS   17:38  Foot Locker  2017

78 – Callum Henry              Perry HS                17:47.6  Region 2-4A  2016

3A – Girls

87 – Ashlee Dixon               Washington Co       23:28.26  Region 3-3A  2017

3A – Boys

59 – Clayton Scarborough   Dodge County        18:13.97   Region 1-2A  2017

68 – Brice Blocker               Dodge County        18:19.47  Region 1-2A  2016

93 – Jamarion Tucker         Washington Co       18:39.07  WACO  2016

With that type of talent this should be a great year to go and watch some races!


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